My name is Rachel, owner of The Bridal Alteration Studio.

I'd love to share a bit of my story with you.

People ask me all the time how I learned to sew. Truth is, I feel like I was born with a needle in my hand.

My grandmother is a Master Seamstress and was a sewing instructor for 30 years . . . so you could say sewing runs in  my family.  My grandmother started teaching me to sew at the ripe age of 6 when she got me my first sewing machine.

When I was 10 years old my grandmother began doing sewing camps with me where we'd take a week and do nothing but sew my wardrobe! I got to choose the fabrics and patterns myself (most of which were pinks, purples and florals at the time ;)

Doing so much sewing gave me a lot of confidence early on. So, by middle school, when my love of history (and a Girl Scouts project) led me to reenacting, I began making my first historical garments beginning with Southern Belle Civil War Dresses and moving on to the Revolutionary War and Pride and Prejudice Era Gowns. As I got better I eventually branched out to sewing ballgowns and suits, and even making historic costumes for others.

In my teens I took advanced sewing classes and learned to work with fine fabrics and laces. I began sewing formal gowns from scratch, and then altered my first wedding gown at age 16.

After graduating high school I started The Bridal Alteration Studio and the rest is history! Since then I have been able to help hundreds of ladies with their wedding alterations. Honestly, I feel so fortunate. I get to work with so many brides who are experiencing some of the happiest and most special times of their lives. My job couldn't be more fun.